Pension, parent capital in Russia

Citizens of the Russian Federation that live abroad can continue to receive pension payments from Russia. The Russian pension legislation allows pension benefits to continue even after leaving the country.

The persons concerned should submit an application. All pension applications should be sent to the Russian Pension Fund (also over post), which has a separate department that deals with citizens that reside abroad or to the pension fund of the respective region.

We are happy to prepare written documents (power of attorney, application, affidavit, etc.) with regards to pension or mother’s capital.

Please note: The intended place of application (for example, Germany, Berlin) should be correctly communicated

•           we will prepare a document (power of attorney, application, statement, etc.) upon receipt of all requested data (a list of the needed documentation will be provided as per requirements of the specific Consulate Department) with regards to pension or family (mothers) capital from Russia at the price of 35 EUR contact us

  • upon receipt of all the required documents and data we prepare documentation (one draft document) including one translation certified by a Russian notary (e.g. passport, residence permit, marriage certificate, etc.) processing time up to 3 weeks for the price of 80 EUR*

*additional costs or fees will be charged further

personal data provided to us will only be used for the purpose of preparation of the documentation and will be irrevocably deleted in accordance with our Privacy Policy.